Restaurangutang has launched!

Oh man, this post has been a long time coming.
Now that the show has finally premiered on national broadcasting it should be allright to throw this bundle of graphics and animations up on display for the interwebsters to see.
Over a year ago! I created these concepts, logos and animations for John Kenn and this foodshow he was directing. A show about three monkeys running a restaurant. Crazy stuff.
Initially the show was called "Mad med Aber i". Translated from Danish into English it's "Food with monkeys in it" which in English sounds sort of stupid, maybe that's why they changed it, a couple of months after I did most of the graphics, into the more catchy current title "Restaurangutang". No biggy, it was an easy fix.
I also did the entire intro and outro/credit list which was heaps of fun though I only had 2 weeks to do everything, can you tell?
Personally, I really dig the can logo which by the way is sort of an ode to the Beastie Boys' Sardines in a can. I would love to have it printed on a t-shirt both the color and black edition. Also the flaming toque is neat, would have been awesome as an animated motion logo. Unfortunately neither of the logos made it to the final series.