Back to School teach!
Yes, I went to Viborg, DK for two weeks in ice cold December to teach the first year students at The Animation Workshop, the CA12's to be exact.
What a great bunch. Hard working, curious and happy. I was very impressed with their skill level.
First week was pen & paper animation which was loads of fun since I honestly haven't worked with paper animation since I studied at the school.
Second week was introduction to digital animation with TVpaint. My mission was to cram as much stuff into their heads with as little brain pain as possible. I believe the mission was accomplished, they definitely produced some great scenes. To help them along, I made this little paper with a light summary of the week. I'll go ahead and publish it here on my blog for everyone to download as a pdf, might be useful...
TVpaint 9.5 Summary of Week 50 2012 PDF

This running Skull headed character in a fancy suit and a miami shirt served as a demo through a couple of lectures, now he's coloured and running in all eternity (did anyone say Grim Fandango, ahem).